Green Asphalt Team

Michael A. Capasso | - President


Michael A. Capasso is the founder and owner of Green Asphalt. He has over 20 years of experience in the construction industry and has gained valuable experience in various fields such as infrastructure, road restoration and resiliency. With a dynamic team of individuals behind him, Michael works hard to ensure that Green Asphalt's production puts the future of the environment first while influencing a safer and "greener" community. His philosophy is simple; to lead by example, being a courageous risk taker, embracing conflict and showing good judgment.

Michael earned a Bachelor of Science Degree from Cornell University and continues to increase his knowledge, as he takes executive education courses at Harvard Business School and London Business School.

Jim McMurray  | - Vice President | General Manager

Our Vice President Jim McMurray, has spent over 15 years with a NYC infrastructure contractor as a field superintendent and has over 10 years of experience in residential development. Surrounded by general contracting his whole life, Jim has learned to quickly adapt to the swift changes of the business. As both Vice President and General Manager of Green Asphalt, Jim ensures that the company upholds it's mission, lowering the carbon footprint one ton at a time, while successfully meeting the expectations of our customers on a daily basis.

Jim holds a Business and Economics Degree from Saint Michaels College.

Anthony Veloso | - Plant Manager

Anthony is certified as a NYSDOT QC/QA Technician in Hot Mix Asphalt by Alfred State College. With his experience and expertise in the Asphalt industry, Anthony is constantly thinking of new innovations to lead the Green Asphalt team to a cleaner future, using 100% Recycled Asphalt.

Anthony studied Chemical Engineering at Villanova University.

Daryl Smith | - Plant Operator

Daryl has 22 years of experience in Asphalt operations with one of New Jersey's top producing asphalt plants. He also has 10 years of experience in Texas' aggregate business. With his experience and knowledge in the industry, Daryl is able to successfully execute plant operations on a day to day basis.