Recycled Hot Mix Asphalt

Our material is primarily made out of 100% reclaimed asphalt pavement and has demonstrated exceptional short term and long term performance.


Tack Coat Pails (5 Gallons)

Asphalt used to form an adhesive bond before paving.

Type 3 Binder

Hot mix asphalt densely graded, coarse textured mix containing stone up to one inch in size.

6F HD and 6F RA Top

Surface course mix for medium to high traffic.

High Performance Cold Patch

User friendly, high performance cold patch material made out of 100% RAP. Utilized for pothole repair, road maintenance, road plates & manhole covering. 

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This calculator will assist you in estimating the Hot Mix asphalt tonnage required for your project.

Approximately enter the width and length of your project in feet, as well as the thickness in inches. Hit enter and the calculator will estimate the number of tons of Hot Mix asphalt that will be required.